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Part Time Study UiTM

Online Distance Learning Educational Programmes (e-PJJ/PLK)
Institute of Neo Education (iNED) UiTM offers academic programmes at Diploma and Bachelor Degree levels for potential candidates via part-time/off-campus (PLK*) and online distance learning (e-PJJ*) mode of study. One of the objectives is to provide life-long educational opportunities for Malaysian working adults for academic improvement and career enhancement.
Why e-PJJ & PLK?
  1. The modes offered are suitable for Malaysian Bumiputera adults who are currently working.
  2. The tuition fees are cheaper compared to other Malaysian public /private universities.
  3. Teaching and learning are carried out virtually.
    ·         Using Broadband
    ·         Being constantly updated with the latest information on academic programmes and courses offered.
    ·         Receiving important announcements from the Chief School (PAC) / programme coordinators
    ·         Holding discussions with lecturers and fellow classmates from the same academic programmes
    ·         Exchanging ideas and having academic debates on relevant and current issues
    ·         Questions, information & feedback are being relayed between students and lecturers on real-time basis
    ·         Having access to and being able to read, print and download updated lecture notes from time to time
  4. Reliable academic notes and references.
  5. Quality training.
  6. Learning aids from various sources.
  7. A variety of learning methods (virtual classes/seminars/self-learning/online forums via i-Class learning system platform)
  8. Seminars are held five (5) times per semester (Sunday) from 8.30 am - 6.15
General Requirement
  • All applicants must be a Bumiputera
  • A minimum of 3 credits in SPM (or equivalent) - for Diploma application
  • For candidates with STPM or Diploma qualification (or equivalent), they must pass Malaysian University English (MUET) exam – for Bachelors Degree applications
  • For candidates who do not meet the minimum academic qualifications, relevant working experience will be considered for entrance requirement
 ** Note:

e-PJJ – elektronik Pendidikan Jarak Jauh (Distance Learning via Electronic)
PLK – Pengajian Luar Kampus (Out-of Campus Learning)
More Details : http://www.ined.uitm.edu.my/
Be short, to say that I am taking this programme

upon registrations

Briefing. Why so serious zeera?

sing a song UiTM Dihatiku. the lyrics are so touched and fall in love with
Wujudku di sini di tanah anak merdeka
Bagai obor ilmu memayungi putra putrinya
Pelopor hidup budaya bangsa,agama, negara
Pembentuk akhlak manusia agar jadi sempurna

Ku yang melangkah ke sini ingin mempelajari
Rahsia di muka bumi dengan cara hakiki
Tunjukkan aku jalan ilmumu untukku ku menuju
Destinasi cita-cita negara dan bangsaku

Majulah bangsa
Maju negara
Berkat usaha jaya MARA
Kami berikrar akan berjasa
Hingga kita Berjaya..... demi bangsa

Watikah yang kumiliki kan kusemat di hati
Janjiku kepada pertiwi untuk menabur bakti
Ku sempurnakan seikhlas hatimembela negara
Doa restu ayah bondaku untuk semua
UiTM…usaha taqwa mulia.

semoga terus maju kehadapan and wish me luck for the future guys.


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